Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Ab-tastic exercise challenge

For the past few days (and workouts :)) I've been revisiting some of Bodyrock's older workout routines - the ones that Zuzana put together. The reason I haven't been posting about those is, that I was guessing no one is interested in them anymore. But now I changed my mind. There's nothing wrong with creating a bit of nostalgic environment and promoting Zuzana's excellent work. So, here it goes.

I chose this one due to my shoulder and leg soreness from an hour of functional training two days before (sweet burn!) and I did not want to put extra pressure on those areas. So I worked on my abdominal muscles and cardio. :)

Workout breakdown:
1. knee raises - 20 reps
2. high knees - 8 runds 10/20 intervals
Repeat 5 times.
Originally I was supposed to do knee raises on a dip station, but since I don't own one and don't have appropriate chairs to hang off them (;)), I used my pull up bar, which I am FINALLY able to place above door. :) It took me altogether approximately 25 min.

I can tell you that I was dripping all over the floor and now I feel great!

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