Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Zuzana is BACK!!!! :)

ZUZKA HAS NEW WEB SITE!!!! FINALLY!!! :)))) Oh, gosh, I am so happy! There are her ZWOWs, pep talks and random life videos and shop with a T-shirt and few tank tops with ZWOW logo on them. It's easy to understand it since it's very basic and that's what I love about it. Soon, there will be some before and after photos and success stories of her WarriorZ. :)

This was probably the most expected event for the past few months for a lot of people that follow Zuzana. It's great to see her progress and this is what we all can look forward to - more progress and development. Her workouts are getting harder every week, she's being creative with putting together ZWOWs and her body is changing beautifully.

As she wrote below the following picture: "It's a new day and a new start for me ..." Yes, I hope so, too ... :)

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