Monday, 27 August 2012

ZWOW #31

Can I just say OMG! This one made me a bit nauseous at the end. Zuzana, you rock! To make something so challenging and physically demanding out of five elementary exercises ... ouch! And to think I was sure it won't be hard as much as some of her prevoius ones ... wrong! Even though I said I won't be jumping for a while due to my injured ankle, I felt good enough to give it a go. And I am not sorry one bit. :)

Here's the workout breakdown:

1. push ups - 10 reps
2. competition burpees - 20 reps
3. squat jumps - 30 reps
4. mountain climbers - 40 reps
5. sit ups - 50 reps
Completed 3 rounds in 20:35 min. Burpees after push ups were lethal combination for my shoulders as they still felt weak after MyWO #3.

As far as the diet challenge is concerned ... well, yesterday was OK, but day nr. 2 ... I think I need a weekly goal. So this week I am focusing on making sane, sensible and healthy food choices. And cutting down on nuts, cranberries and raisins mix (which I can gulp down tons!).

I'd also like to upload some pics, but I don't own a camera and can't load pictures from my phone on my computer. There IS a live person behind this blog, I just have to find something from my current picture archive and present it here. ;) That's how blogs work, right?


  1. hi masage! just wanted to say I've been reading your blog for ages, just not sure how to post! hope this works.

    I really like the new look!
    I also did this zwow but my abs are my downfall, took me 12 minutes just in the sit ups! lol finished in a sad 29min something! I finished 2 rounds in the time zuzana took to do all 3! I sure wanted to quit, but I kept going!


    1. Hi, tee-w! It's a surprise to me that ANYONE reads my blog! :) So THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for writing the first ever comment! :)))
      Congrats on finishing your third round! :) I think you should be proud of yourself for being so determined and having strong willpower. Keep on going and thanks again!

    2. you're welcome! I've wanted to comment quite a few times but I don't have any of those things that you can comment with, so finally thought I'd use anonymous! lol
      I am honoured to be your first! lol

  2. NICE JOB! You're so good :)
    I finished this workout few minutes ago. I have a bad mood so my time isn't good - 24:40 :(