Friday, 31 August 2012

Burpee burnout

Today I revisited the first ever workout I did when I started doing Zuzana's bodyrock workouts. :) It was approx. a year and a half ago and I remember working out in my room mate's room, because mine was too small. I chose this one as my first, because I thought that it doesn't look as demanding and long as others and it really was a great start to working out regularly. Ahhh, memories ...

10 minure countdown of the following exercise:
Plank - 2 reptile knee tucks - dynamic push up - jump up = 1 rep
Completed 55 reps in 10 minutes. I am not entirely sure about my previous scores, but it was somewhere near 40 reps. At the time I did not own Gymboss interval timer, so I had to set my mobile phone as a stop atch and check the tome every now and then. That is why I'm not sure how I did - it may have been less than 40 reps, maybe more, the important thing is I got hooked and have been working out since. :)

Now, my own diet challenge is going well, I'm focusing on making good food choices. I will stick to it 'till the end of the week and in the next I will focus on portion controll. I think for me it will be the hardest challenge of all. I know I tend to eat too much at once and then nothing for 4, sometimes 6 or more hours. But for now I'll stick to choosing foods that complement my health and fitness. I must say I really, really like it. :)

P.S.: this picture was taken on this year's holiday in Dalmatia - we had a lovely time! :)

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