Monday, 20 August 2012

ZWOW #7 revisit

Today I revisited one of Zuzana's ZWOWs. I already posted the workout breakdown and my scores here. This is why I won't be posting workout breakdown in this post, only my new scores. Here they are:

I managed three rounds in 14:33 min using the same amount of weight as before. This means that I beat my personal best and am satisfied with it. :)

There is only ine thing I'm not satisfied with at all. I think I somehow broke one of the bones in my feet while jump rope jumping. Maybe not broke, but cracked it a bit. I thought something was not allright since the Ab-tastic challenge I did approximately 3 weeks ago. It hurts a lot, but I can still move my fingers. I'll see what the future brings, hopefully it will mend by itself ... :/

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