Friday, 24 August 2012

MyWO #3 and 30 day diet challenge

Today's routine was a mind game. Exhausting, I haven't been sweatting like this probably in my entire life and feeling this good for some time. :) Even though it was not as physically demanding, it was more of a psychological testing and endurance routine. Here's its breakdown:

Complete 5 rounds of the following exercises:
1. prisoner get ups - 10 reps
2. diamond push up - 5 reps
3. prisoner get ups - 10 reps
4. pull ups - 5 reps
5. prisoner get ups - 10 reps
6. one arm push ups - 3 reps on each arm
7. prisoner get ups - 10 reps
8. leg lift toe touch - 10 reps
I managed to complete all 5 rounds (though I wanted to quit after the 4th round - I paused my timer for approx. one minute and then pushed through the final round) in 28:58 min. I included exercises I haven't been doing for a long time now and I have to say that it was a huge challenge for me, especially pull ups, snice this is my FIRST EVER workout which includes them. :) I did them all chair-assisted, because I can't do a single pull up yet. :/ One arm push ups were really demanding and I did them off my knees. At first I planned on doing handstand push ups instead of diamond push ups, but when I tried them, I realised I will get more out of diamond push ups, since I couldn't go very far down in handstand. I might include them some other time.

Yesterday me and my boyfriend went to have a piece of cake each. I was SOOOO delicious and I realized that it's a pity to put anything other than REALLY good sweet stuff in your mouth and body. Chocolate, ice cream, cookies and salted crap ... these are all a waste of money, because they are not REALLY good. I suddenly understood what treating myself means and so decided that I will gladly stick to Primal Blueprint and all I believe in (but haven't been sticking to yet) for a month and by the end of it we (my partner and I) will treat ourselves with something REALLY good. :) I'll see, maybe I won't even feel like eating that piece of cake. The point here is allowing myself to aspire for something I konw and experience as GOOD. :) I consider it as a lesson and not a project. And I think I'll report every day to remind myself of my goal and if I made it official, it's more serious and at the reach of ma hand. :)

Oh, and if you decide to try the workout, let me know, how it went. :)

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