Friday, 17 August 2012

ZWOW #30 = ZWOD #1

This revisit was quite something! I totally forgot how hard and brutal this one is! Zuzana kicked her own butt for this one (she worked out like a machine!) and I kicked mine as well.

Here's the workout breakdown:

1. dive bombers - 10 reps
2. burpees - 5 reps
3. squat leg lift - 40 reps alt. sides
4. burpees - 5 reps
5. side plank lift - 10 reps each side
6. burpees - 5 reps
7. pistol squat - 10 reps each leg
8. burpees - 5 reps

I completed 3 rounds in 22:36 min, using chair for support at pistol squats. Compared to my old personal best, which was 28:30 min, 15 dive bombers modified and chair for pistol squats (5 at a time), this was quite impressive, though fellow warriorZ posted some great under 20 min times. This is my goal for next time - bring my PB for this one under 20 min mark without supporting myself at pistols.

Anyway, great burn and great fitness personality to push and guide us to achieve goals and improve constantly. :)

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